Sunday, December 2, 2007

Watoto Wa Kwetu Children's Trust & Art Center

Greetings all! As promised, I've finished the full version of the Keweenaw Summer screensaver. There are 40 images that, except for the sample shots in the last post, no one has ever seen these. There is a bit of a twist however. I have decided to make this a donation to support the art programs for disadvantaged children in Kenya. For a full description of this program please follow this link. Watoto Wa Kwetu Children's Trust & Art Center Farin Greer is a personal friend, who represented my work at her gallery several years ago. Farin always incorporated Philanthropy and the Arts. I felt good when she sold my work because I knew that I was helping support a social or environmental cause. I hope you will have that same feeling by participating in this small way. These screensavers will normally be $3.95, but for this month they will be whatever you decide. This link will take you there. Keweenaw Screensaver

I know everyone has their hands out this time of year and this was certainly not planned that way, but as long as I have you thinking in that direction, I would like to make a plea. Our community of elders in Hospices, rest homes, nursing homes and senior centers, are always in need of your kindness and love, but this time of year especially. Bringing clothing, toiletries, or most importantly, an hour or more of your time to simply spend with someone, talking, singing, or whatever you like will do wonders. Some facilities have "Angel trees" so you may pick a name from the tree and sponser that person. Once you see their faces light up, you will be hooked. Please go to a facility near you this holiday season and give your time and heart.

Lastly, in case you you were not aware of how hard we nature photogs have it, I thought I'd give you a glimps. BTW if you ever run into this particular fellow, don't loan him your Fuji 6x17 or even your point and shoot.

That's all

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