Monday, January 11, 2010

New Addition

In June my niece Tara, gave birth to her first child, Wilhelmina. On new years eve I pulled out my phone to show pictures of her that my niece and sister had sent to me. That was the first time I have ever shown baby pictures. I finally got to see my grand niece in person last week and took some candid images of my own that I wanted to share. Here are two, but be warned that I shot hundreds and there may be more to follow. And just for fun I've included a shot of Chica, a puppy my sister and her husband adopted in Puerto Rico


Mary said...

Babies and doesn't get much cuter than that! :-) Congrats to the whole family!

Anne said...

I agree with Mary.... Congrats... and I must say she is a most beautiful little girl. The dog, well, I am mush for them, so needless to say those brown eyes had me from the gitgo.