Thursday, August 14, 2008

September already!?

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone for a great show in Eagle Harbor & Copper Harbor. The Weather was absolutely perfect. The Pasi cats played at the Copper Harbor show, check 'em out. Really cool tunes!

Harbor Fest was a blast. The setting on the lake, the grilling out, the huge bonfire and of course great music. Make sure you put it on your to do list for next year. This is a shot of Mojo, a rockin' blues master who was on the venue for the evening. Mojo also plays at the fat tire festival every year. Check his music out.

Lastly, the Gallery here in Copper Harbor will possibly be closed for about 2 weeks starting around the weekend of the 13th. If the Gallery is open the hours will probably be limited. You can call to check 910.289.4749. Jeff and Steve are going camping so if you see someone driving around with a tent on top of their car looking for just the right spot to toss said tent on, it would most likely be us. Steer clear. Actually we are lucky enough to have access to a cabin and boat on Grand Island next to Pictured Rocks National Lake shore. Then... someone else was stupid enough to loan us a boat to use in the Apostle Island National Lake shore so we have to go there as well. Bummer. Hope to come back with some good shots and memories. Ha, no radios so Jeff won't have a reason to whistle off key.


Jack Johnson said...

Hi, Steve -

Wow, you're the second photographer in as many weeks to make me envious of a trip to the Pictured Rocks area! I think the universe is telling me that Beloit might not be the best location for a photographer that loves Lake Superior as much as I do... :^D

Might we see some web gallery updates or even a new Print of the Month after your trip?

Have fun, guys!

- Jack
Jack Johnson

Nina said...

Cool! I just spent 4 days backpacking on Grand Island a few weeks ago. I hope you have a good time and enjoy the Apostle Islands as well. I will look forward to the photos!