Monday, September 1, 2008

2008 Fat Tire Festival

It seems an unlikely fact that I co founded this race 15 years ago. Sam Raymond at Keweenaw Adventure (which I also co founded) and his crew have done an awesome job turning this into the event which I imagined. We started out with less than 50 riders and this year we had 330. We were lucky enough to have Steppin' in it play an outdoor gig in our new band shell. By the end of the night we had quite a dust storm kicked up by all the twirling and bouncing. If you weren't here this year better put it on your schedule for next year. Always Sunday on Labor day weekend.
Check out the full slideshow. The music scenes were shot at the end of a long day and with a beer in one hand while dancing so be kind with your reviews.
It might take a minute to load.

Steppin in it was awesome. Check them out.

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