Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prints coming outta my ears!

I bought a new printer sometime before christmas and between giving it a work out and doing my best to use all the ink up in my other printer (can't waste ink that cost $1700 a gallon) and I am ending up with just a ton of prints. All of the prints are pieces I've never printed before. Some may get put into my print selections, some I did just for the shear fun of it, which is what a lot of them are. These orphan prints as I'll call them need a home, otherwise they will go in a print file and more than likely never be used. So to that end I will offer them at 60% off. I may only have one or two so it will be first come first serve. Please note that I do not sell seconds, all of these prints are just like any other print I sell. They are 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

I will add a new print either every week or when I sell the previous print. Most of these prints are 16x24 but I do have some panoramas that are 9x24 and a few pieces that are 24x30. This first piece is of an old oil truck sitting in a field somewhere in central UP.

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Don and Sheryl said...

Love your B&W I want to get back into B&W myself, these shots of old rusted trucks and cars always are great and leave me wanting to more about the history of the vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures of beach stones and waves rank right near the top of my favorites for serenity. Also close are the sand ripples. Do you know of a writer/poet/lover-of-the-land named Wendell Berry? Think Kentucky... He sometimes draws your pictures in my mind with words. One of his locations is a creek named Sand Ripple. A recent small book published is "WHITEFOOT". Enjoy.