Thursday, January 17, 2008

What time was it? we have a winner!

Well that was fun! With just the info I gave, It would be impossible to get the time exact, except by luck. I enjoyed how many took a stab at it anyhow. Some got outside and tried it out for themselves, others researched it on the web, some said well the shadow is long so it's early or late, still others wondered about the direction of the sand swirl - did it have something to do with prevailing winds? and some of you knew all the ingedients. In the end, it was about the journey not the destination.

Ok, Ok I'm getting there! the exact date and time was.
September 16 2005

No one got the exact time, but in the spirit of fun, I'll award an 8x10 matted of this months print to the closest guess. That guess was 8:45 am wait... there was a tie between crazyforflowers and Frank Townsend. If you two would like to recieve a print, please email me with your address.

I was just thinking of some other similar things I could do, like virtual geocaching where you find the loacation by lat/lon and then guess the name of the location and the day and month the image was shot. The image will be the only clue as to the date. Any ideas out there?

Thanks everybody!


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Nina said...

I like the idea of guessing where a photo was shot! Guessing the place and the month it was taken would be fun and challenging. I will be hopeless for anything not taken in Michigan, but I look forward to giving it a try!