Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. It's in the 70's here today and It is a bit odd to be sweating and getting bit by mosquitoes while cleaning up the christmas decorations. I'm not complaining mind you.

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who contributed to the Watoto Wa Kwetu Trust and Children’s Art Center by purchasing a sceensaver. There are only two days left to purchase a screensaver and help out on this important project if you were planning on doing so but haven't. As a extra thank you and an incintive for those who whould still like to donate, I will be drawing a name after new years day for a free 11x17 print valued at $75. What Print? Whatever one you would like! Hows that for a deal? Follow this link to read more and donate.

If you would prefer to donate directly to Farin here is some info from her about that.

Greetings friends and family,

As the New Year approaches I find myself only three and a half weeks away from my departure to Kenya where as many of you already know, I will volunteer at the Watoto Wa Kwetu Trust and Children’s Art Center in the slums of Mathare. I managed to buy a ticket and put away enough money to sustain myself during the 6 weeks in which I will be there. This journey comes after 9 months of correspondence and planning with the founder of the center. I’ve been working very hard the past 3 months in order to raise funds to purchase some badly needed equipment and materials for the center. These items are better purchased in the US as the costs are much higher once in Kenya. You have most likely received several emails by now regarding this worthy project and my efforts to assist them. This will be the last one as time is of the essence and if I do not receive additional assistance within the next couple of weeks it may be too late to collect the items needed.

Just for the record, in order to better assist Watoto Wa Kwetu Trust and Children’s Art Center in the future, my friend Stacy Edwards and I are in the process of applying for our own 501 c3 status for our organization called Baobab Seed. This new organization should be up and running by early summer, allowing us to partner with Watoto Wa Kwetu and apply for US Grants to benefit their projects in Kenya. We will also be working to assist women in Kenya to learn skills that will lead to financial independence in order to sustain themselves and their children. At that time all donations made through Baobab Seed will also be tax deductible.

In a last effort to raise these funds I’m forwarding this information and web links to everyone and hope that you will respond. To begin with please check out the websites and consider either purchasing a piece of art or making a donation. Even a small donation will be most appreciated, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more, any amount you can see fit to send. Please make checks payable to: Farin Greer and mail them to 446 NE Ivy St., Portland, OR 97212

Here is a link to view paintings by Jacob Wachira Ezigbo (Jacob is the founder of Watoto Wa Kwetu trust). Here you can see the artwork that’s available for purchase. Please forward it to anyone that you may know that may be interested in donating or purchasing art. I have the first 28 paintings posted on the site here in Portland. I light of the short time I have to raise so much money, Jacob has agreed to reduce the price (marked on the website) 20% on any paintings over $500 in order to raise money for the center before I for Kenya.

Jacob’s Artwork:

A critique on Jacob’s work:

The Watoto Wa Kwetu Trust’s main webpage:

Also here is a link to my work, which a dozen or so are available (I will also donate 30% of any of the work I sell to Watoto Wa Kwetu Trust at this time to help the needs be met):

I wish everyone a happy, healthy joyful New Year,

Farin has recieved some questions concerning the program so I thought I would pass along her reply.
RECENTLY ONE OFF OUR NEW VOLUNTEERS ASKED ME HOW TO RESPOND TO THE QUESTIONS WHICH I TOO GET ASKED EVERY DAY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO IN KENYA...I FELT THIS WAS A GREAT QUESTION AND WORTH SHARING AS MANY OF YOU MAY WONDER THE VERY SAME THING…She wrote to say that many of her friends and family have been asking questions about our choice to support programs that provide creative arts, when it seems obvious to assume that most of these children probably struggle just to get their basic necessities met, be in need of food, water and shelter. Well here is what I advised her to consider and share with people who ask this question; “There are in fact many new and established organizations that specifically work to assist the children(some of whom are orphaned) to have the basics.There still remains so very much to be done in all these areas.Though I will never argue that one must have the basics for thebody to survive, the soul is more complex. With nurture, by means of food, water and shelter there is still the need to nurture the soul by means of expression We desire to offer a vehicle for the children to dream beyond the moment. We believe...if you can dream it you canfind a way to make it happen, but if there is no dream, one may just fell a victim of their environment with no hope of something better. Creativity is a doorway to hope. I hope this helps. As the sayings go:Each One Teach One and Active Spirituality Supports Reality...”Please take a minute, visit our page and consider making a donation,no gift is too small….there is great power in a collective force of loveand support…Thanks for reading…Remember, we are all related,one people, one tribe- Blessings and Love…

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hey, is that eggnog I smell?

Hey last minute shoppers! If your like me and you put things off until the last moment when it's too late, then here is an opportunity to still give a nice gift in time for Christmas. You can purchase a gift certificate for a matted 20x24 or a framed 20x24 of the recipients choice,(they can pick it out later) and all without leaving home. Just follow the link below to purchase and print out your certificate on your home printer. Did I mention that shipping is FREE! That's $25 off the price of a framed piece! Hurry, this offer ends Christmas Day.
Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Watoto Wa Kwetu Children's Trust & Art Center

Greetings all! As promised, I've finished the full version of the Keweenaw Summer screensaver. There are 40 images that, except for the sample shots in the last post, no one has ever seen these. There is a bit of a twist however. I have decided to make this a donation to support the art programs for disadvantaged children in Kenya. For a full description of this program please follow this link. Watoto Wa Kwetu Children's Trust & Art Center Farin Greer is a personal friend, who represented my work at her gallery several years ago. Farin always incorporated Philanthropy and the Arts. I felt good when she sold my work because I knew that I was helping support a social or environmental cause. I hope you will have that same feeling by participating in this small way. These screensavers will normally be $3.95, but for this month they will be whatever you decide. This link will take you there. Keweenaw Screensaver

I know everyone has their hands out this time of year and this was certainly not planned that way, but as long as I have you thinking in that direction, I would like to make a plea. Our community of elders in Hospices, rest homes, nursing homes and senior centers, are always in need of your kindness and love, but this time of year especially. Bringing clothing, toiletries, or most importantly, an hour or more of your time to simply spend with someone, talking, singing, or whatever you like will do wonders. Some facilities have "Angel trees" so you may pick a name from the tree and sponser that person. Once you see their faces light up, you will be hooked. Please go to a facility near you this holiday season and give your time and heart.

Lastly, in case you you were not aware of how hard we nature photogs have it, I thought I'd give you a glimps. BTW if you ever run into this particular fellow, don't loan him your Fuji 6x17 or even your point and shoot.

That's all

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Print of the Month

Artist Point,
Lake Superior
Pentax 67
Fuji Velvia

print of the Month

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Absolutely beautiful, Steve... and I'm not the only one saying it. Thanks so much. Konnie (Lake Superior Magazine Editor)
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Some sage old bugger once said "Fortunate indeed, is the man who takes exactly the right measure of himself, and holds a just balance between what he can acquire and what he can use."

This image of a different kind of balance was shot up on Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor, MI., hand held using a Canon 20D 100-400.

Doug Walker playin' the Pans in Dallas