Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prints coming outta my ears!

I bought a new printer sometime before christmas and between giving it a work out and doing my best to use all the ink up in my other printer (can't waste ink that cost $1700 a gallon) and I am ending up with just a ton of prints. All of the prints are pieces I've never printed before. Some may get put into my print selections, some I did just for the shear fun of it, which is what a lot of them are. These orphan prints as I'll call them need a home, otherwise they will go in a print file and more than likely never be used. So to that end I will offer them at 60% off. I may only have one or two so it will be first come first serve. Please note that I do not sell seconds, all of these prints are just like any other print I sell. They are 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

I will add a new print either every week or when I sell the previous print. Most of these prints are 16x24 but I do have some panoramas that are 9x24 and a few pieces that are 24x30. This first piece is of an old oil truck sitting in a field somewhere in central UP.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What time was it? we have a winner!

Well that was fun! With just the info I gave, It would be impossible to get the time exact, except by luck. I enjoyed how many took a stab at it anyhow. Some got outside and tried it out for themselves, others researched it on the web, some said well the shadow is long so it's early or late, still others wondered about the direction of the sand swirl - did it have something to do with prevailing winds? and some of you knew all the ingedients. In the end, it was about the journey not the destination.

Ok, Ok I'm getting there! the exact date and time was.
September 16 2005

No one got the exact time, but in the spirit of fun, I'll award an 8x10 matted of this months print to the closest guess. That guess was 8:45 am wait... there was a tie between crazyforflowers and Frank Townsend. If you two would like to recieve a print, please email me with your address.

I was just thinking of some other similar things I could do, like virtual geocaching where you find the loacation by lat/lon and then guess the name of the location and the day and month the image was shot. The image will be the only clue as to the date. Any ideas out there?

Thanks everybody!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

January Print of the Month


I know what you're thinking, and yes, this is just how I found it. There were a number of these on the beach, but this was one of the more artistic ones. I understand the sand swirls, but the stone being up on it's edge seems odd. I immediately recognised it as a sundial and pointed my compass North so I could see what time it was. This image was shot in the Lake Superior State forest Campground on the way back to the Keweenaw after a couple of weeks shooting on the Canadian shore. Can you can guess what time it was when I shot this? If you can get the the hour and minutes correct you will get this month's image free! Send me an e-mail with your guess. I'll Take guesses through the 14th. Good luck!

Something new is that I have added a smaller 8x10 with the print of the month for $19.95

Steve Brimm

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Writing Spider

Writing Spider, Scribbler, Black and Yellow Argiope (Argiope aurantia)

The Garden Spider (Areneus sp.)gets its name because people often find its large web in their backyard fruit and vegetable gardens. These spiders usually build their webs a few feet off of the ground between plants to catch insects that fly past. Garden spiders weave a distinct "zigzag" shape in the center of their webs. Another common name is the Writing Spider probably because someone thought the thickened web strands looked like some kind of writing.
The yellow and black garden spider is one of the largest spiders in our area, sometimes close to 2 inches in length (and that's not including the legs!). Despite their formidable appearance, garden spiders are not dangerous.

These Spiders were a fixture in my days growing up here in South Eastern North Carolina. For some reason they have always carried a bit of mystery to me, like they were special because they could "write" or maybe because if they wrote your name in their web, you were surely doomed.

We had a bumper crop of them this summer, probably because we are one of the few people to use herbicides and fertilizers to keep the grass golf course perfect. It was also one of the driest years on record. It was cool to see so many in one place. Usually they have laid their large brown egg sacks and died by October, but we had one that made a web across the kitchen window and she hung on much longer. Just before Christmas she had not moved for a couple of days so I went out to check on her. I blew very lightly on her and she bolted up to the top of the window and stayed there. The next morning as I made coffee I glanced out to see if she had returned to the middle of her web. She was nowhere in sight. I feared the worst and felt bad for having disturbed her in her last days. After my Espresso was pressed, I walked out expecting to find her dead on the back deck but instead she was wrapping up her third egg sack. She had already laid two which I thought was amazing because I had never seen one fill more than one egg sack. She rebuilt her web and lasted until after the new year.

If you find one in your garden, let 'em be - they're the good guys!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Print Winner!

Welcome to 2008! I hope you brought it in with gusto, but not enough so as to be sore today. I'm sore, but it's because of the 9 staples that are in my foot, not Champagne. Is it just me or do you not bounce like you use to after 40?

Anyhooo, I wanted to thank everyone who made a donation for the Watoto Wa Kwetu Trust and Children’s Art Center. I know it will help make a difference, especially because of the turmoil that is occurring in those very Neighbourhoods right now. I hope that you will enjoy the screen savers.

Also, someone is also going to get to enjoy a free print as well! So drum roll please. (insert drum roll - no really, you have to put your tongue on the roof of you mouth and blow)bdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
...and the winner is

!!!!Annette Warner!!!! yea whoopee confetti balloons Champagne (that was a complete dramatization mind you)

Since I'm off my feet for a while you may be hearing from me again real soon.

Happy New Year