Friday, July 25, 2008

Art shows and Harbor Fest

I will only be attending the two local shows in Copper Harbor August 16-17 and Eagle Harbor August 9-10. Harbor fest is also on the 9th
Beauty and light to you

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Late July ramblings from Steve Brimm

Howdy everyone, the Gallery is up and running in full swing. Actually it seems to be running faster than me, which is great. Have met a lot of new folks who subscribe to my newsletter that have stopped in to say hello. It has been great to meet and talk with all of you.

It is super good to be up here breathing the "cleanest air in the world" at least that's what the sign on the Harbour Haus say's. Actually, I'm happy to be breathing any air as the brakes went out on my truck towing a big trailer while on the freeway heading up to Copper Harbor - twice! Scary.

I have not gotten out on the water or in the woods a lot, but will soon. The cherries are coming off as well as Service Berries and some early low bush Blue berries. The Thimbleberries are looking good to produce a bunch of fruit. Yum. Fresh wild blueberries on buckwheat pancakes smothered in maple syruple - that is the only word that rhymes with purple, at least according to Roger Miller. The water level in Lake Superior is back up to normal. It has been really low for the last two years.

We are building a mobile band shell and are having a big blowout with over ten bands donating their time as a fundraiser, so come on out and listen to some great tunes, drink some beer and help us pay for Copper Harbor's newest addition.

Well, just thought I'd touch base as some were wondering if I got lost in Ohio or somewhere. Hope you can stop in and say hello this summer.

Happy trails!


PS. In case you weren't aware of the meaning of tenacity, this is it. Rebecca paddling with Megan on the big pond. I bought the kayak for her birthday almost two years ago and this is the first time she has physically been able to get it on the water. At this very moment she is getting her herniated disk operated on and hopefully be free from the awful pain she has been in for more than a year. She is currently off Chemo and has that tumor running scared. TENACITY