Monday, December 5, 2011

How about these?

These 12x12 pieces are really cool. They are great for small nooks but also can be arranged together in just about any fashion you wish. The prints are made on a metallic paper, giving them look of cibachrome - very 3 dimensional! These are regularly $95 on sale for $85 with free shipping!! there are only these four!!!

Here are detail shots of the four images above

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Friday, December 2, 2011

5x7 prints, matted and signed

$25 with free shipping, what a deal!!

Gales of November

Agate Beach

Chickadee on snowshoe


Loon Stretch

Sunrise Splash

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eagle Harbor Art Fair. August 13-14

Gonna be a great weekend. Stop by and see me and all of the other wonderful artist!

Also, my gallery is open and in full swing although it will likely be closed this weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sailing South

Well it's been a bit over three weeks back on the water and I'm anchored off the Hobe Sound National Wildlife refuge near Jupiter Florida. It's currently raining and gusting to 35 or more so I have elected to sit tight for a change and catch up on a few task - one being an update to this blog. Many of you are following the adventures of Steve and Pungo on facebook and for those of you who are not, head on over there for many more images.

What am I doing? I'm headed south on my 26ft Island Packet sailboat, "Pungo". How far and where are unknown at this time. I am sitting at a cross roads right now trying to figure out my next move. Wait for the next southerly to Head out Lake Worth Inlet and over to Grand Bahama Island or catch an up-coming Northerly for an outside run down to Biscayne Bay and then over to Bimini. If I go to Biscayne bay I might take a side trip down to see Cyndi and Scott Perkins who are moored in Marathon Key on their Sailboat "Chips Ahoy". Choices

So far the trip has gone well. It was very cold in the beginning for sure but have been pretty comfortable for the last few days. There are always trials and tribulations on the water and I have had my share but the freedom is worth every penny. As Bernard Moitessier wrote" All in all, I have had a lot of luck in my misfortunes" That would hold true in all aspects of my life.

Well there's a quick update for you and now back to looking for mermaids.