Friday, December 2, 2011

5x7 prints, matted and signed

$25 with free shipping, what a deal!!

Gales of November

Agate Beach

Chickadee on snowshoe


Loon Stretch

Sunrise Splash

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James Bern said...

Very nice I will most likely be purchasing the Agate Beach print. Could I get any bigger than 5x7? Please get back to me soon as you can. Thanks

Steve Brimm said...

The next size up that I matt is 20x24 (12x15 print size) matted is $95, print only is $55. Thanks for your interest

john said...

Hey now Steve,
I would like to get Gales/Agate/Sunrise in the 12x15 size, matted to 20x24. You can't adjust print size on the check out option. Let me know.

Steve Brimm said...

Hi john, send me an email to and I will send you a link to purchase those. Thank you!

Steve Brimm said...

Hey John, I added pricing for the 20x24 pieces. Still with free shipping!! Please note that the actual print sizes will differ slightly as they were shot on different mediums. Sunrise splash and agate beach will be 12x15 and Gales of Nov. will be 11x16.5