Monday, October 18, 2010

Chasing the Light expedition

live oak near the mouth of the New River

Well it's been five weeks of sailing and photographing the coast of North Carolina and I'm still headed north to the NC/ Virginia border. Back in March I found a shoal draft Island Packet sailboat that would be perfect for sailing the shallow coast of North Carolina, so I sailed it back to Wilmington and got to work on the necessary repairs and upgrades. I quickly found out that boat is an acronym for Break Out Another Thousand. After several months of outwardly flowing money and sweat I finally threw off the dock lines and pointed Pungo down the Cape Fear river.

I had been wanting to do some aerial photography of the coast and especially the patterns of the marshes for some time but never seemed to be here when the grasses were green. As a short term solution to getting something from the air I built a remote control camera rig that I send up on a kite. The first few times were quite scary - what am I saying, It's scary every time.

A funny thing about wanting to catch the grasses green, not only for the aerial work but also for regular landscapes is that I am finding I like a lot of the landscapes shots in Black and White.

I hope to be better about posting about my journey here, but for those of you who use facebook you can find me there for more spontaneous postings.

I Look forward to sharing my journey


Pungo at anchor