Sunday, March 21, 2010

4 blocks

All new work @ Wilmington Wine. Aril fOOlS dAy 6-8 605 Castle Street

During jan/feb of 2010 I made 6 trips out within a four block radius of my house. This show is the result of those walks. Most of the images are architectural which is my first departure from nature based imagery. Wine Tasting, Hors d'oeuvres, live music and free washer and dryer to the first 100 peoples through the door. hope to see you there!


Admin said...

Dear Steve,
Lucky is the man who finds the beauty in everything. Your photography amazes and captivates me.

I was in and around Wilmington NC this week visiting Cameron Art Museum as some of my assemblages are there on exhibit. Now that I must return back to Baltimore I was doing a web search and happened upon your blog by accident. In fact what drew me was the fact I'd been spending a lot of free time wandering on Wrightsville Beach and admiring the beautiful colors and tumbled softness in the seashells.

Later, visiting Wilmington and spending a few days in the historic town my eyes were too drawn to the iron gates and fences, and just today I stood under the Barbary Coast sign contemplating was it of the original period or not?

I was told by the "horse drawn trolley tour" conductor that most of the fences had been replaced, as the early Wars forced residents to scrap them, but if they are reproductions they are darn good ones.

I'm so glad that you show the world the beauty in these things. If only other could see things though an artist's eyes....the world would be such a brighter place.

How wonderful you are.
Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer
aka Ira Mency.

Steve Brimm said...

Thank you for such a nice comment. You went right by my house on the carriage ride. Do you remember the guide talking about the oldest wooden structure in wilmington and the white picket fence with the 9ft drop on the other side?